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Wedding Day Trial Run

Why it’s so important for a Makeup and Hair Trial Run

Your wedding day is one of the most important, memorable, and cherished day of your life.

Here are some important reasons to book a makeup and hair trial before your BIG DAY

It allows you and the makeup artist to not only be formally acquainted, but also allow you to monitor their professionalism, gauge their work, and also test how well you two will get along, are you compatible. DO YOU MESH

Booking a trial run will elevate the stress about your look on your special day, your trial will give you an opportunity to tweak and perfect your final look.

Your trail run will be one less thing to worry about, because we’ve gone through all this beforehand

For Your Makeup Trial

Our recommendation for the bride is to come with a clean face

  • No Mascara
  • No Lipstick
  • No foundation
  • Your trail should be booked at least two month prior to your wedding day

We are starting from scratch and building our way up. So starting with a clean face is KEY.  Also bring an image of the look you’re going for will help to achieve that perfect look for you.

For Your Hair Trial

Our recommendation for the bride to arrive with

  •  Clean dry hair
  •  No products-this will avoid any build up of previous products
  •  Bring hair accessories, such as Veil, Tiara, or pin

This will give you a better picture of what your hair will look like on your wedding day.




Makeup and Hair Trial Session $200

Makeup or Hair Trial $100.00

Engagement Shoot Hair and Makeup $200.00

Note: Prices Includes False Lashes


Day of the wedding

The bride

Makeup Only $180.00

Makeup and Hair 250

Note: Prices Includes False Lashes

The Bridal Party


Hair and Makeup $170.00 per person

Hair or Makeup  $100.00

Jr. Bridesmaid (8-13yrs)

Hair and Makeup $125.00

Hair or Makeup $65.00

Flower Girl (under 8yrs)- Makeup is Complimentary

Hair $50.00

Note: Prices Includes False Lashes


Additional Add on

Men's Anti Shine Grooming $75.00

Hair Extension Styling and Install $50.00 Full and $25.00 Half


Bridal Package 1:  QUEEN BEE $600.00

This package will include

Trial makeup and Hair styling 

Full Face Makeup, HD Makeup, Quality Lashes

Veil or Accessory Placement 

Touch up 2hrs before reception Hair or Makeup 


Bridal Package 2: My Beautiful Princess $450.00

This package will include

Trial Makeup and Hair Styling 

Full Face Makeup Application: Using HD makeup

High Quality False Lashes 

Veil or Accessory Placement 



Pro Makeup Artist Lesson in the privacy of your home.

Book your private one on one or group makeup lessons with me.

With over 8 years experience as a professional makeup artist. I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills I would love to share with you.

New Makeup Artist Classes:

Are you a new makeup artist still not feeling confident in your skills and need a refresher. I will teach you the following.

-The basic key steps you need to do before you do any makeup applications

- how to color correct

- how to hi-light and contour like a pro

- how to create beautiful defined eyebrows

- how to create a beautiful flawless day look to drop dead gorgeous evening look. - How to apply False Lashes

- How to create the perfect winged liner

- How to do a tightline

- How to properly line your lips- using a dry blend method

I will also share some tips on how to start building a beautiful portfolio without it costing you an arm and a leg. as well as how to get clients, how to do consultations, Bridal Trials, Sanitation, Email and Booking Etiquettes

For these classes you can use your own makeup kit-

Cost is $200.00 or with my Kit $250.00 Length: 2 hours


Makeup Lessons for Beginners:

2 hrs $140.00 per person or 2 to 5 group lessons begins at $100.00 per person Min 3 participantes.

Do you love makeup but just don't know how to apply it or where to begin than this private class is for you. I will teach you how to pick the right colour match foundation

How to do your eye makeup

How to conceal and cover dark circles if necessary

How to create a beautiful natural look and how to bump it up to evening look.

Some recommendation on some basic makeup items to get.

Girls Night Out- Classic Smokey Eyes

$60.00 per person Min 5 people

It's all about the eyes in this private group lesson. Planning a girls night out on the town and want to look like a sexy goddess. I will teach you how to create a gorgeous smokey eyes that will make those Baby blue, or brown or green eyes POP