"It was a pleasure working with you Carol!,love the makeup you did hopefully we can work together again soon..."

 ~ Cassandra Riley Lynn- Model

"What a great surprise walking into the studio to find out you were doing my makeup! Such a gorgeous and glamorous look you gave me

cassandra riley model-ali.jpg

~ Kehli - Model

"You are absolutely talented! Keep it up and thank you so much for the best makeup I've had in a while! Keep in touch and I hope we work again soon! :)" 

~ Anastasia Moskaleva - Model

"You did it again Carol! So talented, and easy to work with. You are highly recommended in my book! Cheers" 

~ Duncan Thorn - Photographer

"Hey, you wonderful artist! I had such a great time at the shoot with you and I LOVED the looks you chose to do! This is why I love letting the makeup artists do their thing. You definitely know how to pick the right colours, too :) I can't wait to work with you again!"

~ Tiffany - Model

"OMG(osh)!!! Amazing. It all came together with a turn in events to our favor, and it would never have flown without you."


"Hey most awesome makeup lady ever. thanks again for the amazing face at cherry beech."

~ Abbie Normal - Model

"Carol - it was great working with you for a second time! Your work is impressive & your passion for what you do continues to shine through, as does your creativity & attention to detail. Can't wait to get the new pics to you soon...& definitely looking forward to collaborating with you again in the future!!"

~ Liane Joseph - Photographer - PhotoFit

"Hi Carol Thank you so much, I loved the purple and the whole look that you did. It was very nice working with you as well. I hope we can work together again sometime soon, and thank you again, all the best to you with your make-up career."

~ Christine H - Model

"Yes thanks so much for all your hard work!! The results are beautiful, I love the pictures so much!!" 

keli 2.jpg

"Carol thank you again, for incredible work that you put in today. I already posted some on Flickr and will update here when I'm done. You do amazing work and always a pleasure working with you. :)"

~ Mark W-Yaamon - Photographer


~ Michelle Reina - Model

"Carol is my favorite makeup artist I've worked with!! THE best! Looking forward to working with you again one day :)"

~ Marley Lynn - Model

"Thank you for today! You are quite the amazing MUA! It was wonderful working with you :) Thanks again, Julie"

~ Julie - Model

"Carol is highly qualified to do a variety of makeup and fashion styles. If anyone is looking for not only a great lady, but a fantastic makeup and fashion designer. Give Carol a call! She is a great listener and is a perfectionist when it comes to doing her job. The results are breathtaking!"

~ Nikki Mouscos - Model

"Highly recommended! Carol you are awesome to work with and amazing at what you do!"

~ Keri Murphy - Photographer

"Hey Carol, It was amazing having the opportunity to work with you. You are amazing and I love how you did my make up!! I'm gonna book you in advance to do my make up when I get married! Hope to work with you in the near future!" 

~Rebecca - Model

"Carol, Thanks for the great work at the shoot yesterday."

~ Azimuth Arts - Photographer

"You are as wonderful as your work. It was my pleasure to meet you and watch you in your element."

~ Nisha Vee - Model